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Our Mission

Provide great business websites

Small and medium sized businesses have been losing out. Finding a reliable company that can produce a good web site is all too difficult for many businesses. Most that can produce a quality product are often too expensive for many businesses.

WordPress has been a great solution, and it has won many awards. We've implemented many WordPress based websites for businesses, and found a number of improvements we can provide.

  • Make it easier to setup – WordPress is easy for tech savvy people to setup, but we wanted it to be as easy as possible for everyone to setup.
  • Make it specific to business use – WordPress can be used as many things to many people, including a blog or content management system (CMS.) We wanted to adjust it so it's focused for business use.
  • Provide the best designs – There's thousands of designs (or "themes") available for WordPress. You can spend many hours or days just sifting through the option. And even if you find something you think looks good, it may be poorly built. Having designed and developed many websites, we wanted to pick great looking themes, that were incredibly robust and well-built. That way you can just search through our library and trust that they are good.
  • Provide the best plugins – There is a huge library of WordPress plugins - additions to WordPress that add functionality. However, it's a huge mess to sift through them. There can be dozens of plugins that do the same thing - how do you know what to pick? How do you know which wont cause problems with other plugins? We wanted to make it simple - we picked the best plugins for business and then you can skip straight to using them, rather than researching them or guessing which one to use by trial and error.
  • Manage it all – Most business owners don't want to spend their time searching for plugins, searching for updates, troubleshooting why an update didn't work, understanding that a plugin's developer has stopped maintaing it, managing compatibility with the server... we handle that all.
  • Provide technical & marketing support – Even if you have powerful tools that are well built, integrated and maintained, do you know how to use them to get the most out of them? We provide the support you need to make it all happen.

For us, providing a quality website is easy. The correct paths for web marketing are also very clear to us. For over a decade the core team behind All SMB Websites has delivered high quality web solutions (design, development, marketing...) but at a price tag most small and medium sized businesses cannot afford.

Enter All SMB Websites. Leveraging popular technology, we're able to bring businesses great websites and marketing at a fraction of the cost.

We try hard to cut through the technical jargon and deliver a service that's easy to understand for the non-geek. We do provide a little technical info for those who really want it.

In simple terms, we provide you with a website, we help you learn it, understand it, leverage it... and we help drive customers to your site. All starting at $19/mo.

We look forward to helping your business grow.