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All Features

Security Monitoring

We monitor and provide security measures for your site to protect it against any malicious attempts. This is done for free on all packages.

WordPress Blogs

One of the most advanced on the planet, and one of the easiest to use.

New blogging features are continually being introduced and refined. We upgrade all of your blogs at no additional charge.

Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Need to sell products, digital downloads (music, ebooks...) or offer a subscription service? There's a ton of ecommerce solutions out there, but if you've ever used one you know how complex they can be. Our paid plans include a robust and easy to use ecommerce solution and comes with our customer service to help you get started and keep it running.

Marketing Tips

We provide periodic web marketing tips. Learn how to increase traffic to your site, tips on creating better connections and communicating more effectively with customers. Keep up to date on market trends. We explain what marketing techniques tend to offer the greatest return on your time and investment.

WordPress SupportWordPress Support

Got Question? Email us, we'll be glad to help. All of our paid packages offer technical support. You can either use the support form on the site, the knowledge base, or the support email address we provide you with when you signup.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All of our sites are well built to help increase traffic from search engines. With this package, we also provide extra functionality and personalized support in taking your site to the next level.

WordPress Premium Themes

All of our paid packages include premium design choices. These themes are extremely professional, both in design and functionality. They often include additional features. We are constantly expanding our selection of premium themes. You can always pick one design and if a new one comes along, it's easy to switch over.

Advanced Forms

We provide an extremely robust and easy to use system to create forms. They can be single page forms, or multipage forms. The system offers a huge range of configurable options. Setting up a basic form is easy.

PayPal, Google Checkout & Amazon Web Services payments

All of our packages support their basic buttons. With this package, we offer greater support for their more complex options, as well as our own customer service for helping you integrate these solutions.

Host multiple sites at no additional charge

Want to have a personal site and a business site, or have multiple businesses? All of our paid plans give you access to creating multiple WordPress powered websites and blogs.

Advanced Image Galleries

All of our plans include rather robust image options. You can upload photos & images, use the built-in editor to resize and crop images and much more.

With the Basic package and up, we offer even more advanced photo and image management options. We also offer our support in helping you getting this working.

Use Your Own Domain Name

The free package does not allow you to use your domain name. With all other packages, you may. For example, on a free plan if your username is SarasFlowersyour website address would be http://sarasflowers.allsmbsites.com - but, if you use your own domain name it can be whatever domain name you own. So if you own sarasflowers.com that's what your web address would be.